A Warm Welcome

After a few weeks of waiting out Mother Nature, I was finally able to get painting and staining the front porch checked off my list. When we last visited the porch as a whole, it looked like this:


What a snoozer, huh??

The floor needed re-staining to prevent it from getting any worse (it's already pretty bad), and all the white parts needed to be scrubbed, primed, and repainted also in order to preserve against chipping paint and future wood rot.

The previous light was no gem either.  It was actually worse than I expected- completely rusted out when I went to take it down.

I have to say, the new view UP is my favorite part.  A new light blue ceiling with the existing trim pieces painted out in white make it feel like a much more special space than the gray box it was before.  (Not to mention the new light that I can't stop making googly eyes at)



For the floor, I chose a reddish brown to match some remnants of stain that I think the porch use to be a few decades ago (probably the last time anyone stained it).



In addition to the painted chairs and table, the mailbox also got a shot of spraypaint.


You may notice that the floor is now rather close in color to the front door, and you know me well enough by now to realize this won't stay for long.  Sea Glass Green (the middle one) is totally happening in the next few days.


So what do you think of my cute little porch revamp?  So much more warm and welcoming now!