My Buddy the Giraffe

I'm a little off schedule and routine here (and by 'a little' I really mean super duper off schedule and routine), so my posting isn't as regular as I was planning. Please enjoy this un-photoshopped, un-cropped and un-retouched giraffe picture I took at the zoo as an apology (yes we were that close!)

Giraffe Closeup

Any zoo which offers a highly interactive experience with the animals like the Brevard Zoo does is ok in my book. Feeding and making friends with giraffes and exotic birds is my idea of a fun trip to the zoo.

Feeding birdies

They let you buy snacks to feed certain animals so that they come up to you, land on you, nudge you, etc= awesome.

tropical bird

So far we've done a lot of relaxing on this vacation, and I'm not gonna lie, I'm craving some adventuring. Not too much adventuring here on Florida's space coast in the rain, so I think that'll have to wait until the next trip.

We'll have to get creative with our time today, it's a little huricaney (huricaney's a technical word....). Who's up for some puddle-jumping??