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Designing with... Bold Stripes

Welcome to a new series: "Designing with..."  This series is going to to all about showing you how you can incorporate challenging, bold, or offbeat elements seamlessly into your home. Stripes are such a bold design statement, but it can be a bit tricky incorporating a big stripe into a space without overpowering it.  With bold stripes, the trick is to let the stripe be the star.


On a wall:

I wouldn't recommend an entire room with bold horizontal stripes for fear of it turning into a carnival attraction, however a single focal wall with bold stripes? You got it!  Choose a wall that is already a natural focal point or is a focal point due to furniture placement: behind a bed, surrounding a fireplace, or in this case, behind a desk.

Style Me Pretty Living: Black and White Office

source: Style Me Pretty Living, Lark & Linen Home Tour


On a floor:

Draw attention to the floor without overwhelming it.  To balance out a pattern-heavy floor, bring the eye up with other interest and pattern in artwork or accessories.  Vary the scale so that nothing competes visually.

Sarah M. Dorsey Designs, MCM Desk

source: Sarah M. Dorsey Designs, Mid Century Modern Vanity | Adding Custom Legs


On furniture:

If you're feeling bold, a striped piece of furniture can be such a swoon-worthy element if done right.  Plan for the piece itself to become the focal point and other ancillary pieces should be supporting players.  Use pops of color, smaller patterns, and organic elements to balance out the space.

Making it Lovely: Striped Sofa

source: Making it Lovely, New Lighting in the Library


On a table:

The striking linear quality of a stripe paired with natural elements is a match made in heaven.  Opposites attract for a reason- the organic grouping of flowers softens the harsh lines, while the rigidity of the stripes keeps the flowers from feeling too dainty.

The Knot: Kate Spade Inspired Striped Runner

source: The Knot, A Whimsical Kate Spade-Inspired Wedding in Dallas, Texas


**Design disclaimer** As with all things in design, rules are made to be broken.  These guidelines are just a start, however once your stripe skills have been developed, possibilities are endless!


Future "Designing with..." posts will include polka dots, brass, and florals to name a few.  I'd love to hear what design topics you're stumped by and would love to see in this series (or in a separate post if applicable)!

Colors: Where to Start

The number one thing that people get stumped on in a space is colors.  How do you pick colors?  Where do you start?  How do you make colors flow from room to room? A current color trend that I have to say that I'm on board with (and never thought I would be) is white.  White or another light neutral can be an amazing backdrop to display colorful artwork, amazing furniture, or simply your quirky finds.  Even with white walls, however, you still need to keep a color palate in mind for a room to ensure that it feels cohesive as a whole.

One of my favorite ways to start a room design is with an inspiration piece.  This could be a painting, a rug, a pillow- just something with a bit of visual interest.

This gorgeous rug from Etsy (which is sadly no longer available) was the catalyst for this color scheme.  Rich blues, soft pinks, and a splash of yellow.

Colors- where to start // Copper Dot Interiors

Translating that into a room environment, I would allow the tile to be classic and neutral while playing up the colors from the rug.  The fun part is that you don't have to use the same value of each color- in the below space, I played with the blue a bit, bringing in a darker version with the navy in the curtain and lighter values in the painting.

Colors- where to start // Copper Dot Interiors

Color should be fun, not intimidating!  True there are pretty much endless colors to pick from, but if you give yourself a palette to work within, you'll have room to play an the confidence that it'll all work together.


Sources *may contain affiliate links*

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