Spring Treasures

I'm not sure why I love going to Brimfield so much.  It's not like I spend tons of money on all the things (like I really dream of).  Aside from leaving with a few small treasures, I generally end up taking away a boat load of inspiration. Brimfield-2015

My Brimfield necessities include: clothing layers (it starts chilly and ends up boiling usually), cash, a sizable iced coffee, and my shopping bag on wheels (from IKEA).

You can pretty much find anything to tickle your fancy at the thousands of different booths.


Is that clown not one of the creepiest things??  Sorry to disturb you, but I really wanted to show the HUGE array of stuff you see at Brimfield- and this doesn't even scratch the surface.

I ended up taking home 3 items:  this adorable string of pearls succulent from Seed to Stem's booth, a solid vintage mirror with a nice patina, and this sweet lamp, which is not actually brass so will be getting a make-over in the near future.


I fell HARD for these butterfly prints, but at $195 EACH and with the vendor not willing to budge an inch, despite my negotiating prowess, I very begrudgingly had to walk away.


On a happier note, since my devastating loss of the Brimfield butterflies, I have discovered that the images seem to be public domain since they are from books published in the 1800s.  I've located all the images, now I just need to see if I can get them high res or keep them from being pixelated at large scales.  Stay tuned for that- I have big plans for these gorgeous insects!

Did you get a chance to check out Brimfield this time around?  or did you hit some tag sales this weekend?  Tell me all about your latest treasures!