Spring Forward

With the teasing yo-yoing Spring temperatures and the overdue melting of the snow, I've rediscovered that I have a backyard and more gardens than grass (yippee!).  Most of the current plants and bushes were ravaged by miles of snow on top of them, so out they'll go at some point.  Which means I have a (small) yard full of gardens to fill!  Before it's actually warm enough to do the work, I get to do the fun part- think about what I want my gardens to look like! Better Homes and Gardens never fails to impress.  I went to their website looking for pretty pictures and found detailed garden layouts.  For Hubby's future veggie garden (hes the chef, I'm the handymanwoman), they had 12 different 'schemes' ranging from Asian themed to pasta sauce themed to a salad garden!  The schemes show a layout, size needed, what to plant, and a detailed how-to.  Its pretty much gardening for dummies, and I'll take it!  I don't have a black thumb by any means, but I don't have enough experience with gardens  to know what to do myself.  My garden experience is limited to a small section of garden that my mom used to let me pick out flowers and plant in.  Even then, I didn't go by what the plant needed (sun/shade, etc), I picked out plants because they were bright colors.  I have 2 indoor plans of the same species, and I only water them when they start looking sickly... maybe once a month :-/.

I still pick plants because I like(read: am obsessed with) them.  I guarantee that whatever the garden outcome, you will see:



& Hydrangeas!

So much pretty to happen!  I can't wait!