Shorty the Flip House: Week 11

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I navigate through the business of flipping houses one house at a time!!  Come back every Friday to see how this house, aka Shorty, progresses from week to week.  To catch up on the progress on Shorty, check out his previous posts here.  If you’re new here, (Hello!!!) you can find more about my 5 previous flip houses here.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!!  

While I don't have too much to show you this week, the progress I do have to show is pretty great.  Are you ready??  With a little help from my phone's panorama feature:


Clearly it's still a work in progress, but here, let me help you visualize what I see a bit more.  First, imagine there's no lime green on the walls.  All the walls in here will be getting a soft white to make the cabinets and space really shine!


I hope you're as in love with the light green cabinets as I am!  With my basic gray granite countertops (same color I've used several times), I plan to punch up the interest just a touch more with a fun patterned backsplash.  Now I just have to figure out exactly where the backsplash is going!


As you can see in my noted pic above, the little powder room is right next to the back door.  It's an odd place for a toilet, but for an antique house of this size to even have a bathroom on the first floor is a total bonus.  This week, they finished the floor in there which continued in from the kitchen and frankly, I just wanted another excuse to swoon over the herringbone tile.


Paint prep has started upstairs and visible strides should be made up there this coming week.  My goal is to get everything finished upstairs ASAP so that I can get my hard wood flooring guy started on those floors while we work on painting the first floor.  We're hoping to list in just over a months and there's SOOO much still to do!!!!  Eeeekkk!

Have a fantastic weekend!!