Shorty the Flip House: Week 1


I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I navigate through the business of flipping houses one house at a time!!  Come back every Friday to see how this house, aka Shorty, progresses from week to week.    If you're new here, you can find more about my 5 previous flip houses here.  Did you miss last week's intro post?  Check it out first to see where we started from and how far we've come already!

Aside from some needed yard cleanup, there wasn't too much I could dig my hands into just yet.  Before any REAL work could get done, the house needed to be cleaned out and cleaned out it has been!  If you happened to catch my Facebook Live walk-though yesterday, you've already gotten more than a sneak peek!  After 4 overflowing dump trucks of stuff were removed, we can finally see all the bones of the house.  Thankfully there were no surprises!!

Most of the hardwood floors should be salvageable, some may need patching, but refinishing all these original floors will be STUNNING!


I can't wait to work out the details of my kitchen plan.  I'm going to break the rules of "flipping" and totally not play things safe in this house.  If I don't make potential buyers say "WOW" when they walk into this room, I'll be very disappointed in myself.




I'm kind of in love with the china cabinet.  It's in surprisingly good shape and just needs a little repair.  I don't even think I'd take a paint brush to it!

The master bedroom is shockingly large for a small house of this age.  Even though you need to go through the bedroom above to get to it, I think this space will be a selling feature.  The awkward, walk-through bedroom... well, it's not ideal for a 3rd bedroom, but this is where staging comes in.  I'll stage it either as an office or a nursery and show how functional the space is!


Now that you can see beyond the piles, are you seeing what I'm seeing in this house????  Shorty's going to be turning some heads when I'm done with it!

Hopefully next week, my contractor will be getting started on fixing up the exterior, I'll be getting my electrician and flooring guy in and we can start to hit the ground running!!

Have a wonderful weekend!