SF Recommendations?

A vacation has been a long time coming- more than a year and a half since our last trip longer than a weekend.  That's why I'm so excited that Hubby and I have booked a trip to San Francisco next month!  Neither of us have ever been so  we're really looking forward to it!! san fran stock photo

Naturally we have a few touristy things planned, like a night-time tour of Alcatraz and a day-trip through several wineries, but I'd love any recommendations that you have for off-the-beaten path places to visit.

I've already checked out:

Design Sponge's "San Francisco City Guide"

Design Sponge's "24 Hours in San Francisco with SFgirlbybay"

Apartment Therapy's "A Design Lover's Guide to San Francisco"


Every time we travel, Hubby and I like to find some quirky, off-beat places, and sometimes will grab a rental bike and just explore.  So for those of you who know the city, I beg you to share your secrets!

Where's the best place to scope out the amazing architecture?

Where are the sweet thrift and/or antique shops I should hit?

Lay all your recommendations on me!

I'm really clueless here but I'm so eager to explore a cool new city!