Rug Talk

Now that my antique chair is almost done being reupholstered (only the cushion left!) and back home in the living room, it may be time to revisit the rug. This is the current rug with the new/old chair (sans cushion), the sofa that I plan to purchase soon, and an IKEA lamp I'm contemplating (wall color and stripes shown as reference).

living room rug existing

The existing rug's not terrible with the chair, but I think we can do SO much better.  I do actually love having a darker neutral on the floor- it doesn't provide high contrast with the floor, but it adds needed texture to the space.

I considered a larger scale pattern like a Moroccan trellis, but If I were to chose a rug right this second, I'd probably be buying this one:

living room rug trad gray

Same neutral texture that I love, but with a larger overall pattern, it's not fighting with the ikat on the chair.  Having these neutral grounding pieces, allows me to go crazy have a little bit more fun with pillows and accessories.  But since I'm indecisive, let's visit a few more options.

I thought it might be fun to try one with a bit of color, but the jury's still out.

living room rug colorful

After my love/hate relationship with Clifford the big red chair, I'm paranoid that a rug like this will overwhelm this small room.

Following the theme of color, this one's not yelling as loud.

living room rug purple

It may border on too traditional for me, but hey, if you had shown me the first rug a year ago I would have said the same.  My how tastes have changed in my old age!

I even toyed with the idea of a natural fiber rug with a small geometric, but that got swiftly nixed.

living room rug neutral

Even with a smaller pattern, the natural color just doesn't jive with a beige sofa.  Or maybe they jive too much.  Either way, no me gusta.

Time for you to weigh in!  Which one would you pick?

All rugs are from Rugs USA, but I was not compensated, nor do they even know who I am- they just have a great selection to peruse!  Beware, they'll suck you in for hours!