ReStore the Basement

As I slowly chip away at my mountainous basement mess, I've been daydreaming of my fantabulous work space that the piles of crap stuff will eventually morph into.  It will be a wonderfully organized work/project area that is part basement, part creative inspiration.  So far it's been all basement, but I now have a few items that will help bridge the gap. I finally got a chance to go to the new (as of 8ish months ago..) Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Worcester (where my sister lives).  Since the ReStore is a new novelty in this area, allow me to explain.  It's like GoodWill, but for all things house and building.  They accept donations and all the profits go to local Habitat for Humanty.  It's a wonderful collection of awesomeness furniture, tiles, doors, windows, light fixtures, cabinets, and whatever other home or building items people have donated.  It's a fun place to explore.  A few weeks ago, my parents had gone and told me about a piece of countertop that could serve as my workbench, so I had to check it out myself.

I left the ReStore with the countertop and a light for UNDER $10!!!  Nope, that's not a typo.  Check out my loot and their prices:



I don't have a complete plan devised for the countertop yet.  It's 36"x64" and finished on 3 sides, so I could use it as a peninsula coming out from the wall, or I could cut it down a bit and put it against the wall.  Basically for $5, I can MAKE it be what I need it to be (once I decide what that is).  The light was a no-brainer.  I saw it when hubby went to grab a volunteer to help us move the countertop.  It was love a first sight.  When I saw the price tag, it was love at second sight too.

My new goodies will help keep me motivated through my basement archeology.

Must. not. let. couch. win...