Punch of Pink

This week there was a new development in my "Name that Plant" game. For months I had seen 3 stalks growing in my garden on the side of the driveway and had zero idea what they were.  The only thing I knew was that they looked purposeful, so I let them live when I did massive weeding of that area (formerly known as the jungle).  I am emphatically glad I did.

As I was watering the new plantings in the front yard, I was startled by a pop of color.  I mean literally startled.  I stopped in my tracks and said aloud something to the effect of "whoa nelly!"  I'm cool like that.  If my neighbors heard me they probably think I'm nuts.  That may be so, but you would be shocked to if your normally green side garden (I didn't plant there this year so I could see what popped up) suddenly had 2 (soon to be 3) gigantic pink flowers!

The pictures don't even do justice, I swear they are at least 6 inches in diameter and bright!  My pictures were taken at dusk, so the colors were a bit muted (yes, that is muted!).  I have learned they are some type of Oriental Lily, but if you have any idea what variety, please share.

Any surprises in your gardens lately?