Poolside Greetings

My apologies if you saw the half-written post that accidentally got posted. I'm attempting to blog from the ipad for the first time and I blame user error....Plus, I'm distracted. This is my current view.

Florida Pool View

It's been a busy past few days, but a good busy. Before our early am flight yesterday to Florida (and lack of wifi yesterday... Disaster! Don't worry, crisis averted), we attended my college roommates beautiful wedding, AND accepted an offer on Clark(!!!!!!!!!!!). More details on Clark later since it still hast quite sunk in yet. At least when I started doing my ridiculous happy dance, I was at a wedding on a dance floor, so no one was judging... I hope.

Speaking of wedding, the venue was amazing!

Wickham Park CT view

They got married under that arch with an amazing view of Hartford in the background, and she DIYed all the decor. A girl after my own heart, no wonder we worked out so well as roomies.

Hope Flowers

The room with the dj and dance floor was a charming cabin ...

Wickham Park Chandelier

...complete with moose head. Normally I'm not a huge fan, but the groom put his touch on the decor with a baby's breath wreath, so it totally made mr. Moose rise to the occasion.

Wickham Park Moose

Wickham Girls

dress twirl

Beautiful wedding and congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs.!!!!

Maybe tomorrow I should get out of the sun to blog so I can actually see what photos I'm posting... And maybe I'll either figure out the Wordpress ipad ap or blog from a real computer.... Maybe.

Until tomorrow!