Pin and Tell: Baby Chic

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This week’s Pin


Just because you're a newborn, doesn't mean you can't be classically chic, right?  Style knows no age.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm totally jealous of this kid.  The first thing that draws my eye is the divine mid-century dresser/sideboard turned changing table.  This is a piece that he will never out grow.  The moody gray and bright pops of color are fitting of a kids room, but will easily grow with him as his tastes change.

The designer of this room also did good with the curtains.  Ask any of my friends, and they'll tell you, I have strong opinions of where to hang curtains (which has also made me the resident curtain hanger).  If you hang curtains as high as possible and wider than the window, you'll be surprised what effect it can have.  The height of the curtains will accentuate the height of any room (even if the ceilings aren't high) and will make it feel more grand.  Hanging them wider than the window will accomplish 2 things: it makes the window look larger, giving it more presence, AND when the curtains are pulled back, it actually allows more light into the room because the opening is wider.

There's really so much positive about this room that I don't have time to discuss it all in depth.  The art is cute but not cutesy, the furniture styles are mixed so well, and get a load of the wall above the crib- it has painted trees and 3d branches elements above the crib.  Thumbs up chic baby room designer!