Pack, Pack, Organize, and Pack More

I refuse to bring anything to the house that is not somewhat organized.  Practical, yes, but also time consuming.

Check out some of these organization tips and resources that I've been finding inspiration in:

Apartment Therapy: 6 Ways to Make Space for the New- Need to reduce your clutter?  Ask yourselves these simple questions.

The Happiness Project: One Minute Rule- This is one of my rules to live by now!

Zen Habits: 5 Ways to Lose Your Stuff (Not Your Lover)


To me, decluttering my surroundings helps to declutter my head as well.  If my space is cluttered, you can generally bet that my state of mind matches.  As long as I can remember, I've functioned this way, although I first recognized this  in college.  I'd be in the midst of a demanding design project during which I would have let me dorm room explode in chaos and would inevitably hit a mental block.  Before I could get over the hump and continue on to productivity, the items of clutter around me needed to find their way to their respective homes.  Its amazing what you can focus on when your environment is a pleasant one.

By starting our life in the new house as organized as possible, I'm hoping to set up a home that will help us grow (even when we hit life's little road blocks).