Outside Progress and Inside Plans

I can't figure out how a yard the size of a postage stamp can suck up so much of my weekend time.  Even weeding a postage stamp takes time, I guess.

Morning glories are beautiful, but they are impossible to control, multiply faster than you can weed them, and grow everywhere.  I'm trying to fix this issue with landscape fabric and mulch.  Landscape fabric accomplished.  Mulch, not yet.

In addition to morning glories trying to stage a take-over of our yard, the cucumber plants are trying to break out of their planter.  They have completely taken over one planter and are expanding into the surrounding pathways.  They suffocated my canteloupe plant and have the butternut squash plant in their sights next.  Who knew cucumber was so vicious?

With all my focus outside, I'm still itching to make some big changes in the dining room.

I've been debating between two different moulding approaches.

Board and batten


Picture rail

I wanted test out these theories without actually any construction or painting, so I tried out the different divisions of the wall with painters tape.  (I also was testing out a potential future built-in which would utilize the dead space above the basement stairs)

I'm currently leaning toward the picture rail.  When I walk in the room with the higher tape line, the room seems to feel a bit larger.  The lower one had much less of an impact.  Either way, I want to get started soon... I'm sick of talking about it!