Well that was a bad case of blogger/DIYers block.  I've been focusing all my designing powers into the 9to5.  I have a SUPER fun project that they're actually letting me be the designer on (a first in my professional career!) for probably the BEST client ever (hint, their name rhymes with 'oogle').  I wish I could gush to you ALL the details, but I shouldn't. This week, my DIY gave way to TCB  (taking care of business) and I broke out Bernette, my trusty sewing machine and finally got to my heaping mending pile.  I only have 2 pairs of pants (one Hubby's and one mine) that still need hems fixed. Yay progress!

I also finally hung up the shed shelves that I mentioned here, but didn't have time to take pictures before we needed to shove all our patio furniture and grill into it before the joke of a hurricane we had here.   So those will come very soon, I promise!

Although I haven't had much luck at tag sales recently, my mis-matched future dining room chair collection has grown.  2 weeks ago, I snagged this chair at an estate sale for $4.  Don't you just LOVE the orange velour??  So sexy.

and this past weekend, my parents found this chair for me at a tag sale for $3.  Score!!

Handy Dad also was nice enough to put some glue on it for me so it'll be nice and stable.

Side note- I plan to have an awesome work area in my basement one day like Handy Dad's in the picture.   ... One day maybe my basement will be organized enough...HA.   But I digress.

I also poked my head into Savers on Saturday (much like a Salvation Army or Goodwill).  They had 2 chairs that I was considering, but I had the small car with me and couldn't transport them.  They're having a huge sale on Labor Day, so if those chairs are still there, you bet they'll be mine.  I'm starting to get close to a full set!  If you have no idea what 'set' I'm talking about, check out my plans here.

Did you get any projects done on this rotten weekend?