Officially Crazy

Well, after the roller-coaster of blood, sweat, and tears that was the last flip, Millie, I need a break.  Badly.  I think paint fumes or demo debris has gone to my head, because at this point, a 'break' apparently means a tiny 1000sf ranch to reno.  Yup. Next flip here I come! dori1

Not nearly as much fun as an antique craftsman bungalow like Millie, but hopefully a really quick flip.  You all know by now how much antique houses mean to me, but they aren't fast projects.  Small flips like this, help to fund big flips like that.  We hope to find another cool old house to work on over the winter when we have more time to invest since no sane person wants to buy a house in New England in the middle of winter.  Until then, I get to go super creative on a boxy, prefab, on-slab ranch.


It's not officially ours yet, but we had the home inspection this morning and I met with the contractor and electrician to get pricing.  I'm actually going to (try to) take a different approach to this house (because, remember, I need a 'break') and try and be as hands-off as I can be.  Granted, me 'hands-off' still means some tiling, painting, woodworking, etc. BUT I'm going to hire out a LOT more than I have previously and see how it goes.

She's a pretty gal, ain't she?


And she's a paneling wonderland.  Every. single. wall...


Once the house is officially ours, hopefully by the end of the month, I'll show you the complete 'before' tour (complete with real pictures from a real camera as opposed to fake pictures from my broken phone).  The goal here is to have this house done in 2-3 months and get it sold ASAP.  Fingers crossed.


If I were you, I'd start taking bets on how bad I'll be at stepping back and letting other people do more work.  Not my forte.  I apologize ahead of time to all the contractors/subcontractors/installers/workers for my inevitable micro-management and hovering.