Not in the usual sense of the term, of course.  Here I'm using the work objectified to represent the tchotchke-fication of a space.  Think- sexified with objects. Now that I've created a whole new vocabulary for my post and probably lost you within the first paragraph, I'll continue.

I've been thinking a lot lately(among every other house-related thing) about how to best utilize objects in a space to personalize it to add a WOW factor.  If you knew me back in middle school, you're probably thinking- "This girl has zero issues adding accessories (read: crap)."  My room was a tchotchke and color explosion.  Every surface was covered- horizontal & vertical.  Around the time I went to college, I woke up one day and realized how completely psychotic the space around me had become and proceeded to totally de-tchotchke-fy my surroundings.  Those 2 sides of my personality have been entrenched in a power struggle ever since.

In previous apartments, I've kept the accessories to a minimum (for me), but I'm realizing now that some of the spaces lacked a certain depth.  Just like Stacy & Clinton always preach on What Not to Wear, layering is the key to adding visual interest in an outfit space.  Layering requires a certain finesse that is admittedly my design kryptonite .  I get so distracted by the 'big idea' or little shiny objects that its hard to focus on the in-between.  I need practice in layering the big and little.  I am soooo tempted to run out and buy a bunch of brand new decorative items and start layering them, but I'm putting my own breaks on.  98.67% of the items* in our house are new(ish).  We have random items that have a history (a watercolor by Hubby's Nana, my Grandma's piano...) but most of the stuff we have just FEELs new.  Since we are striving for an eclectically sophisticated balance in the house, I need to even out the new pieces with vintage and vintage inspired.

I have a vision!

Well, I have many- generally multiple for each room of the house.  The specific vision I speak of is about candlesticks in the bedroom.  The other week at my successful IKEA trip, I also took home these beautiful silver glass pillar candlesticks.  So pretty (and shiny!) but on their own, they're lacking visual depth.

BUT as I mentioned, I have a VISION!  Those mixed with vintage ones acquired through tag sales** will be divine!  I've wanted to have this collection of candlesticks for years.  A couple years ago when I was designing my wedding center pieces (holy crap, where did the time go), my first choice was a collection of mismatched candlesticks on each table.  My plot was foiled by time (to collect them all) and by the fact that the location wouldn't let me put unenclosed candles (sadface).

Now I have a house and NO ONE (except maybe Hubby) can rain on my parade!

Did I mention I am excited for Spring and the start of Tag Sale** season??

How do YOU objectify your space?


* Totally accurate percentage, I promise

** or Yard Sales, or Garage Sales, or whatever you call them

*** images from ikea.com, brides.com