Nessie the Flip House: Week 16

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I navigate through the business of flipping houses one house at a time!!  Check in each Friday to see weekly update of how this house progresses!  To catch up on the progress on Nessie, check out her previous posts here.  If you’re new here (Hello!!!),  or just enjoy walking down memory lane, you can see my 6 previous flip houses here.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!! I love this point in flips where every step is now a visible piece that makes the house look more finished.  Drywall last week was awesome, but this week, the beginning of painting REALLY means things are starting to look like a livable space once again!  Everything is primed!  It is going to be white ultimately but not so stark.  Simply White will be a great backdrop for my blue cabinets- you haven't forgotten about those have you??

And while 100% necessary, I was hoping that we weren't going to have to totally replace the boiler, but we did. Let me let you in on our thought process here: the old boiler was repairable, but not cheap.  For about an extra 2k, we were able to get a new one all together.  While we didn't want to spend the extra 2k on a budget that already much higher than we originally hoped, we realized that if we plan to ask over half a million for this house (and we do! location location location!!!), buyers were going to want to see all new.  New boiler, new ac,  new electrical, new.  So we did.  The little, rusty, old one is chillin in the front right of the pic (and has since been removed completely) and the new one is all red, shiny, new, and WORKS.  Hooray for heat!

The item that I'm most excited about, however, is the thing that was the quickest so far this week- getting started on painting the exterior!!!!  Aside from today, there was only 1 non-rainy day all week, however the painters were able to make HUGE progress!  No more pukey yellow beige!  They still have doors and trim to paint, but my goodness what a difference this made already!!

The color looks super blue in the pic, but it's more of a blue/gray that should look a bit different in different lights.  I am looking forward to getting rid of the red on the door now, though.  I know that some of you might love the pop of red, but the colors are feeling very traditional right now.  The new door color- Dorset Gold, will hopefully take the house to a more modern place.

Next week should just keep building and compound on this week's exciting progress.  I'm expecting to see more paint, some finished floors, and hopefully some tile!!  Each day is a step closer to completion!

Have an awesome weekend!!!