Nessie the Flip House: Reveal Part 1

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The time has finally come and the house is LISTED!!!!!!!!!!!  Phew!  This was a long and expensive reno, but I'm hoping buyers will see the love and potential this house has!  What started as a dark, dated house has been opened up and brightened up, but I'm going to be a big old meanie and wait until the THIRD part of this post to show you the new living area and kitchen because it's THAT GOOD and I need to build suspense.  Don't hate me too much, it will be well worth the wait!  There's plenty of goodies to show you in the rest of the house though!  Part 1: the exterior, bedrooms, and bowling alley!!!


Before we make it inside, the outside got a minor curb appeal makeover.


Without taking the time to go in front of the zoning board for approval, I wasn't able to add a portico or porch, but paint, trim, and a new window made a huge difference!



For the size of the house and the neighborhood, the yard is a huge asset.  Large driveway, new patio, and a great area to play or entertain- a bonus hidden under there is the brand new septic system!



I'm so glad I decided to paint the siding- it refreshed the whole house!



Heading inside (but skipping over the open concept entry, living area, and kitchen for now), the largest bedroom got fresh paint, refinished wood floors and a giant injection of sunshine in the form of a new window.... or rather a relocated window with the new picture window in the living area.  The room used to feel small and dark.



I promise, this is the same room.  The window makes a HUGE difference!  Ok, so maybe my new wide angle lens helps too.  It's really the window, though.  I swear.



The medium sized bedroom got a little love too.


It got a new spacious closet, a newly installed wood floor, and my favorite craigslisted mid century bedroom set that has found itself in all my staged flips.




The small bedroom with the giant closet just got a refresh and staging as a home office.



I made sure, however that if desired, a twin bed would fit comfortably in this cozy room!




Downstairs, one of the selling features of this house is the LOOONG room affectionately called the bowling alley.



With new vinyl wood-look plank floors, drywall ceiling, and sleek LED lighting, I hope buyers will be able to see how usable this space can be!  Just imagine a comfy sectional in front of the big screen tv on one end with an area for working out or kids playing on the other end.  I'll admit I decided not to spend a lot of energy staging this space and it just got some extra pieces that I had.  The important thing that I wanted to show is 2 usable zones.





This past weekend, Hubby/the best realtor you could ever want invited the family of the estate that we bought the house from back to see the dramatic changes.  Aside from seeming to be pleased with the transformation, they revealed that they called this room the bowling alley too.  It really named itself.


Since you guys voted on my instagram story for all the reveals in one day, stay tuned later today for Part 2: the bathrooms! and then Part 3: the open living area and KITCHEN!!!  You won't be disappointed!!!


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