Millie: Week 30

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  This flip, Millie is the most challenging and most exciting yet! You can find more about this house and about my 3 previous flip houses here. Let's just pretend that I didn't go all crazy work-aholic flipper this week and neglect this blog m-kay?  It's worth it, I promise.

If you follow me on instagram or facebook you've seen peeks this week.  At long long long long long last, this house is finally looking liveable.

First of all, the dresser-turned-vanity has functioning drawers with new slides and cut down drawers so they avoid the plumbing.  Oh how far this little beast has come.



The other looker this week was once again the kitchen tile.  All installed and getting grouted tomorrow, followed by my happy dance.  It's a good thing Hubby and I have a strong relationship and that it's impossible to marry inanimate objects, because this tile would give him a serious run for his money.


I can't wait to get the open shelves up there!  Vintage style shelf brackets with stained wood shelves, styled up to perfection.  That's what dreams are made of.

The other thing that dreams were made of this week was smooth walls.  I finally was able to get plasterers in to skimcoat the walls in the dining room, living rooms, and new master.  While it was a little tough for me to decide to fork over the cash to have this done, it was well worth it.



Nice and smooth and clean and not wallpapered and did I mention smooth?  It'll be even smoother tomorrow when they come back and sand it.


The dining room used to have terribly repaired texture on top of textured plaster on top of painted wallpaper. Now I can't get over how smooth the walls are.  The look won't change drastically once I paint since it will just be a slight off white.  A nice neutral contrast for the starring woodwork.


While my to do list still seems insurmountable, the majority of the items are detail elements.  Once I get these walls painted and the floors refinished, all the big stuff will be taken care of.  I've already started hoarding craigslist finds for staging.  I'm itching to stage!  Staging is my jam.

More nose to the grindstone.  Listing in 2 1/2 weeks!  AK!