Millie: Week 13

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  This flip, Millie is the most challenging and most exciting yet! You can find more about this house and about my 3 previous flip houses here. One huge, fantastic thing happened at the house this week.  Let's see if you notice the change between the pics:


It's a subtle change, I know, but you guys are observant

millie-w13-kitchen-floor-1 I kid.  But, YES, the 3 layers of ugly vinyl tiles adhered to my beautiful wood with asbestos adhesive have been taken care of!  The cost of unburying this beautiful floor, however was almost 2 full days of not being able to work on the house.  What should have been only 1 day lead to 2 due to a miscommunication on the asbestos guy's end.  After day 1, the tiles were gone, but all the asbestos-filled adhesive was left.  Um, guys, that adhesive was the reason I payed you the big bucks for removal.  Thankfully after a polite reminder of our adhesives conversation when I hired them, they came back and rough sanded all the icky asbestos off of my floors like they should have in the first place.


My hardwood flooring guy is stopping by today to assess the small water-damaged spots, but I'm super hopeful that she's worth saving (I have decided that the floor is a 'she').

A few other notable things happened this week.

I finished the absolute LAST of demoing the basement ceilings (now to haul alllllll the plaster to the dumpster)


Inside the basement ceiling, under where the kitchen sink used to be, I found a few more trinkets this week:


an army man, a handy man (the box in his hand is labeled 'tools') and a poodle teacup.  I can't help but think that the teacup belongs in my last flip where I found poodle wallpaper.

The tub for the upstairs family bathroom got painted Rustolium Flat Moss Green.  I had Glossy Navy in my cart when the Moss caught my eye.  Suddenly the Gloss Navy seemed harsh, and Moss was the right move.  I adore the flat finish on this tub and the color will be dreamy with the marble hex tiles on the floor.


If you follow me on instagram or facebook (and come on, you totally should.  I'll give you a minute.....),

you probably saw that I had to reluctantly sacrifice the canvas ceiling in the future master bath for the sake of the renovations.

canvas ceiling

It was actually a good thing in the end because once I uncovered the water-damage from the old shower above, I also found that it was still damp and musty (ick!).  Plaster had to come down and I removed the water-damaged lathe.


BUT it was all for a good cause!  Bring on the master bath!!!  My contractor got started on framing out the doorway and new pocket door and this OFFICIALLY kicks off the rebuilding in this house!!!


I have smashed my last ceiling in here, pulled up my last floor, and sledge hammered my last wall.  Aside from minor clean-up smashing, I'm calling demo D.O.N.E.  Now, can I please put this house back together for sanity's sake??