Meet Grover

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out  posts about our last flip HERE. Flip #3 has officially commenced!

We closed on Grover just over a month ago when I was still finishing up with Frankie, so he got put on hold until I was ready to dig in.

WARNING: lots of pics of a dingy house ahead!



Lucky for me, the exterior doesn't need a TON of attention.... new lamp post, new mailbox, cleaning up, etc.  The inside requires much more attention.  I swear it gets worse the further in the house you get.

Just inside the front door, you find the very red living room with the worst laminate floor in history.


Why yes, that is door trim used as base board in half of the house.

grover-before4 grover-before5 grover-before6

Bad paint jobs, dingy trim, foggy windows, and dated built-ins are the things flipping dreams are made of.


Guess what wall I'm hoping to take down!  It is structural, so it'll take engineering and permits, but I think the results will be worth it for resale.


Yes, that is another fake wood laminate.  Not the worst kitchen by far, but oh so dated.  JUST WAIT until you see what I turn it into.  The possibilities make me giddy.


But it just keeps getting better.  On the way to the bedrooms and bath, you hit this lovely hallway.  Which has multiple layers of wallpaper.


And then comes the bathroom.






The bedrooms don't need a total overhaul, just a bit of love.

grover-before15 grover-before16

I swear my camera wasn't broken- the colors in this house play tricks on your eyes.

grover-before17 grover-before18

And in the basement there's a very strange room that I'm not quite sure what to make of....


And last but not least..... the neon seafoam garage...


I certainly have my work ahead of me with this house!