Meet Frankie

We've run into a few paperwork filing issues (and an elderly seller in Florida), so we're still waiting to technically own the house.  That means no sledge hammers until at least Monday (pout).  It is what it is, I'm just antsy. I can, however, show you where we'll be starting from!

Meet Franklin, AKA Frankie!  Our second-ever flip house!


The exterior doesn't have a long to do list:

  • -New windows
  • -Siding repair
  • -New side railing
  • -Paint front railing and awning
  • -Clean up planting beds

The kitchen on the other hand:


Aside from the weirdness of the dishwasher closet (which used to house a washer and dryer apparently) the cabinets don't look too bad... until you open them up.  The insides are not pretty.  or sanitary. or salvageable.  Much like the fridge.  ick.


At least that makes my list for the kitchen pretty easy (ha):

  • -Demo entire kitchen
  • -New floors, cabinets, appliances
  • -Plumbing & electrical for new layout
  • -Paint

The living room and the bedrooms are luckily no big.  I'll need to paint pretty much everywhere and polish the wood floors, but that's it. Phew!





And then we reach the bathroom.  Oh the bathroom.  It's getting gutted down to the studs.  It looks soooooo much worse in person, trust me.  I need to take some good detail shots before the sledge hammer comes in.


Tile has been removed from all the walls, but instead of removing the old adhesive or tiling over it, they just painted over it.  Lovely. Oh, and that green spot in the shower?  Instead of redoing the shower, they just placed greenboard over the old wall board and put a plastic shower surround on that.  Not the right way to do it so much.


So the list here:

  • -Gut.
  • -Salvage toilet & countertop
  • -Repaint pink tub
  • -Replace all wall board
  • -New tile, vanity, mirrors, lights
  • -Paint

Then we have the basement.  I'll spare you and not show you the utility side since I don't plan to do much aside from clean up, but the other side is going to transform a bit.





To do here?

  • -Add wall to separate bright, usable area from dark, utility space
  • -Peel & stick floor tiles
  • -Replace drop ceiling
  • -Paint!!!

Ah, the lists seem so short!  Good thing I know better by now!  We're hoping to get this diamond in the rough back on the market in just under 3 months.

So what do you think of our next flip endeavor?  Can I make it awesome?

Keep your fingers crossed!