Les Antiquaires

Les Antiquaires de Notre Dame, Bordeaux via Year of Serendipity Challenge accepted, Bordeaux, I hear you loud and clear.  Sadly we haven't had too much time to explore while the shops have been open, but we've scoped them out and know exactly where we want to head back to.  That's the benefit and downfall of a river cruise wrapped up in one.  We've been to busy blending our own cognac and truffle hunting to do too much shopping #firstworldproblems.

We were able to sneak into one shop right as the shop owner was turning on the lights and opening- we had a solid 10 minutes to shop and get back to the boat before they set sail and we cut it a bit too close for comfort.  BUT we hopped back onto the boat (literally) with a few fun trinkets.

A small wood & metal ship that seems to be a souvenier from la Rochelle more than a few years ago.

antique brass boat via Year of Serendipity

A small painted gold pot that's about 4" tall and its calling to have some succulents or other easy to maintain greenery planted in it.

antique painted pot  via Year of Serendipity

And a pretty sweet clock.  It has a battery mechanism, so it's not some precious antique, but it makes it easier to fix up and I don't have to worry about winding or any annoying ticking.  The numbers and hands had me at hello.  I think I may try and freshen this one up a bit once we get home.

MCM bordeaux clock  via Year of Serendipity

You know, port hole window sills actually work quite well for photography.  I may have had to stand on the bed to take the shots, but work with what ya got!

styling/photography on a boat  via Year of Serendipity

Who needs generic souvenirs when you can come home from trips with items like these??  Hubby and I are both itching to get out there and do a bit more shopping.  I'm craving something that just makes me giddy.  I don't know what is it, but I always have fun hunting!

Hope you're having a great week too!