Kitchen Love

I am solar powered.  This is the time of winter that always gets the best of me.  Especially when there's a cold going around our household- Hubby had it last week, now it's my turn.  Fuuuun. But I'm trying to stay motivated so I can have progress to show you. If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw... we have new appliances!!

New appliances

A new fridge and a new stove are very pretty.  Yes, we need a new range hood still.  We're really excited with the change, although the stove will be MUCH prettier once it's working.  As I mentioned when we ordered the appliances, we're getting a propane tank hooked up to power our new gas stove in our gas-less house.  We have the plumbing, and the stove.... but the plumbing inspector needs to approve the pipes before the propane can be delivered and the stove can be hooked up...  and we're impatient... yay for a gas stove!!

I wanted to style the kitchen Sunday so I could take some good pics in the light to share, but I got a little side tracked and scrubbed every single surface in the room instead.  It had to be done.  After scrubbing, I did start to think about styling in the kitchen for the first time since we moved in. 2 years ago.  It's about time, don't you think?

kitchen tray

I found the perfect tray at target to organize a few useful things on the countertop and I LOVE how it looks there.  Awkward corner no more!  Hubby's on the fence about it, but says he'll defer to my judgement.  That boy can be so smart sometimes.

I'm really excited to start using the new stove and to finish beautifying the room that I've been ignoring for 2 years!