Holiday "Mantel"

You know how I have a girl crush on Emily Henderson?  AND I can't resist a challenge?  Well, she's hosting a fantastic giveaway that's not your standard blog giveaway.  She'll be choosing 5 winners based on their mantel decor.  The top prize is the mantel that gets the most votes and the other 4 are of Emily's choosing. What are the prizes, you ask? Good question!  Amazing vintage furniture and accessories from Emily's amazing personal collection.  Count me in!! I generally keep my holiday decor simple and I was trying to resist the urge to go style-crazy this year... but this is as good of an excuse as any!  Check out my version of holiday mantel decor and go vote for my mantel/piano HERE!

piano mantel

holiday piano closeup1

christmas piano closeup2

christmas piano side

Only cool people have vintage Christmas music for both piano AND accordion.  If only I could play the accordion.  What makes me smile about this is that my sister and I learned piano with that book 20 years ago, and my dad learned accordion with the other book almost 50 years ago.

Christmas music

Go vote for my decor HERE!!!  Purdy please?  What are you waiting for?? Tell your friends!  Vote!