Grover: Week 8

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out  more about this flip, Grover, or check out posts about our last flip HERE. Every week I'm appalled at how quickly this flip is flying by and how the work isn't... Somewhat by design, though, since we're trying to space out the large expenses until we sell Frankie.  (quick update: still on the market, 2 very interested parties trying to work out numbers currently.  Fingers crossed we hear something positive today!)

On to this week's update!  Better pictures next week, I promise... my good camera got left at home on the day I needed it... this'll just make the after shots look even better, right?

I spent a good portion of my week staring at more blue tile.  This time it was by design.  I still have to scrape thinset from a few more grout lines (ick) before I can grout, but I can't wait to grout!  That'll take the floor up about 5 notches.  I can't say the floor is perfect... which frustrates me a tiny bit, but I did the best job that I humanly could, so it's a floor I'll be proud of!  I'm pretty sure everyone still thinks I'm crazy for installing blue tile in a bathroom I just removed every trace of blue from, but I'm going to make it awesome and totally work.  Trust me!


And speaking of working, check out that functioning, NON BLUE toilet!!!  It's the little things that make flipping rewarding, people.  The vanity is not installed yet, it's just hanging out while I worked out my plan for the walls.  The board and batten dimensions, placement, and materials are all figured out!  Once I grout the floor, the walls should be able to be banged out in a day.

While I stared at floors, the drywallers got busy in the kitchen/dining/living room.  Next step: paint!!


How's that for straight?



You may also remember that I had the contractor move another small wall behind the fridge to allow for a modern-sized fridge- that also got drywall this week.


On the other side of that wall is the smallest bedroom's now smaller closet.  Today the new closet door is getting installed.


Back in paint land (ugh), doors are starting to reach finished.  Check out the hallway!  The closet is the first door with a new door knob too.


Other doors are hanging out in the back bedroom waiting for final coats.


The electrician was also a busy bee this week and swapped out all the switches and outlets in the house with nice, clean, white ones- today: a new electrical panel!  Aren't you excited??...

I'm thinking that next week will be a huge week of progress over here.  I'm hoping at least!  Also... a week from today... Brimfield!!!  It's going to be a good week.