Grover: Week 5

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out  more about this flip, Grover, or check out posts about our last flip HERE. I'm not quite sure how week 5 got here already.  This was one of those weeks where I was running around like a crazy person only to look back and wonder what actually was accomplished.  On top of it all, I almost forgot to take pics last night before leaving.  I was in the car with it running when I remembered and ran back in and snapped a few iphone pics (which means the photos in today's post are going to be very top-notch).

The big tedium of the week was started last week: sanding, scraping, and priming trim.  Thankfully all the trim in the 3 bedrooms is now ready for finish coats!

The other big thing this week was a dumpster.  Get it, big?


I've unloaded ALLLLL the demo from the house into it and thankfully have some room in the house to move around again.  There's also still room in the dumpster for when the wall starts coming down on Monday (got pushed back due to waiting for permit).


I spent several hours at IKEA on Wednesday ordering the kitchen and purchasing the bathroom vanity.  I've already half assembled the vanity in order to nail down a location for the new medicine cabinet recess.  Although there is a recess there currently, it's about a foot off center and would look pretty ridiculous if I located the new vanity there.


Heading over to the kitchen, I'm minorly apprehensive about the door fronts that I picked for the kitchen.  I hope the graining doesn't look dated.  I went with the one on the left which is real wood.  The one on the right, although I like the graining, it's just a print of wood on plastic and would be too dark.


Handy Dad also helped me clean out a few things in the yard yesterday including this modular fence (my guess was a dog pen) from underneath inches of dirt.  It's like they tried to bury it in hopes it would go away.  Not so, previous homeowners, not so.


I did hit a few small hick-ups this week too.

As I was hoping to prep the hall ceiling for paint, I noticed that the top layer of plaster was lose in one corner.  On a flat ceiling this would be no biggie, but on a swirled ceiling like this is, I'm going to have to get creative.  Luckily it's in the corner of the hallway- probably the most inconspicuous place in the house.  Guess who'll be googling how to repair swirl textured ceilings??


I also decided that the light fixtures that I installed last week just weren't bright enough with only one bulb, so I set out to replace them..... but the replacement lights that I got won't sit flat with the hardware provided.  That's what I get for going with cheap lights.


Not a big issue, just an annoying one since I now have to return these and buy a third set of lights for the bedrooms.  Third time better be the charm!

I'm very eager for the contractor to get started... I know once he does, the progress will be in leaps and bounds!

Have a great weekend!