Grover: Week 17

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out more about this flip, Grover, or check out posts about our last flip HERE.

Things are starting to finally look like a finished house!  Are you happy dancing with me??  The only unfortunate thing is that you only get iphone teaser pics in this post though- I can't give it all away before the big reveal post next week!!!  He's a beaut though!


For the first time since I bought this house, I can actually wash my hands in the sinks!!  For the past 17 weeks, there's been lots of purell, moist towelettes and washing things with the outside faucet.  It really got old bringing my brushes home and washing them every night.  But no more!  The kitchen sink works too!  I hear that's good for resale.


AND there's some pretty nifty granite countertops in there.  AND a sexy stand-alone vent hood.  Clearly I have some tiling work to do today.


In less shiny and exciting news, I've painted and installed baseboards!  This might only be exciting to me, but it instantly made the rooms look finished.


and because I can't resist showing you the dining room built-in again.


Meanwhile in the basement in the weird, creepy room with the garish glossy orange wood paneling......


It's fresh, white, bright, and no longer creepy!  I was so excited that I couldn't even take a clear pic.  I did hire the same painter who did the exterior foundation to come spray this room.  A job that would have taken me probably a week too him a day with his industrial sprayer.

House clean-out has also commenced... this is going to be my least favorite part.  I got a second dumpster to clean out the piles of trash that have been piling up in the garage.


I'm also planning several trips to my town's recycle center (they even recycle styrofoam!  #natickftw).  So if you ever need to know how much cardboard can fit in a CX-9, the answer is approximately a sh*t-ton


The only major items left on my list before Tuesday's photoshoot and listing on wednesday are tiling the backsplash, painting over the neon seafoam garage walls, and painting the stairwell to the basement.  Everything else is minor touch-ups.  Cross your fingers, but I think I can actually get this done in the next few days!!