Grover: Week 16

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out more about this flip, Grover, or check out posts about our last flip HERE. Happy 4th of July!!

And it is.  This is the first week where I actually believe that this house will be done soon- progress took visual leaps and bounds!

The biggest single transformation happened outside.

It looked like this a little over a week ago:


Not horrific, but nothing to turn your head.

I curb-appealed the crap out of this house this week!


I trimmed bushes, weeded lots, planted hydrangea and flowers, spread 19 bags of mulch, updated the lamp post with a new topper and some spraypaint, spraypainted the old house #s, installed a new mailbox and light on the house, finished painting the front door AND had a pro painter paint the foundation, stairs and garage door.  Phew!

No major changes, but it just looks so much fresher.


Inside is really starting to show the light at the end of the tunnel too.  Literally.  In addition to the 3 exterior exterior lights that I installed (including one on the back), I also installed 3 lights inside.  3 sexy lights inside.


And look!  Completed cabinets! (minus one panel that I just exchanged at IKEA cuz they gave me the wrong piece)


I've been using my flips as an excuse to experiment with different kitchen finishes.  These cabinets aren't my favorite that I've used so far, but they're totally going to look amazing once the countertop gets installed (Tuesday) and the backsplash gets tiled.


And speaking of tile- she's gonna be purdy.  I know I've professed my love for tiling backsplashes before and this house will be no different.  I just have to figure out if I can use my existing tools to cut glass mosaics.  Anyone have experience with that?


Across the room in the dining room, I finally got around to updating the built-in and what an impact!  (yes, Mom, I did steal inspiration from yours).  After removing the old scallop trim back in demo, I added a new, shallower back, added new trim, and am painting the doors.  Instant(ish) charm in the dining room.  Detailed how-to/before & after coming on Monday!


While I had my chop saw set up, I also cut all the pieces of new baseboard for the living/dining/kitchen.  You may remember when we bought the house, all that baseboard had been at one point replaced with door trim and looked quite silly.  I'll be painting and installing these new pieces within the next few days.


Oh, and after much debating and ignoring the putrid paneled room in the basement , I finally decided to have the painter come back and turn it white.  It would take me at least a week to prep, prime, and paint that garishly high gloss paneling- he's planning to bang it out in a day with his high powered sprayer and super gripping primer.  Deal.  One less thing on my to-finish list before we can SELL!  Fingers crossed that this house sells faster than the last, I'm not sure my fragile ego can handle another house sitting on the market for months.

Have a great holiday weekend!!