Grover: Week 15

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out more about this flip, Grover, or check out posts about our last flip HERE. This week, I decided to put aside my animosity of my paint brushes and bond once again.  And boy did I.  I painted practically everything on the kitchen side of the house.  Trim, interior doors, exterior doors, ceiling, walls....myself... (pro tip- it's usually best NOT to sit on paint tin lids)


All in preparation for.....


or almost


An early morning yesterday to meet the installers may have lead to a large coffee, which may have lead to over-caffination, then subsequently awkward happy dancing and buying tiles at the ReStore that I don't need but couldn't stop thinking about....  But anyway, getting the kitchen installed really means that the end is near!!  (if you ignore the basement... it'll be our dirty little secret currently)

Meanwhile, outside the house, I've hired a painter to repaint the house's foundation, garage door, and retaining wall.  That was part of my never ending debate of time vs. $$.  Could I paint that stuff myself?- of course!  BUT we want this house listed sometime this decade and I need to delegate.  It's currently been pressure washed, so it's in the state of "worse before it gets better"


I did, however attack the front door myself (after a day or so of color deliberation and swatch painting)


The door told me it wanted to be red.  It did!  I tried yellow and green, but the red felt a bit traditional, with a touch of "look at me."  It clearly still needs at least another coat if not more, which will deepen the color a bit, but curb appeal is imminent.

I am reluctantly showing you this next image, but let me set the stage first.  In painting the door, I also painted and patched the trim around it and temporarily removed the house #s.  They'll get spraypainted and reinstalled, but currently the house is numberless.... and the kitchen installers were coming.  Soooo I took a brush I had on hand and some wet paint from that day's painting.... and butchered the ugly old mail box.  I'm replacing it anyway- it's a rusted pile of {insert word here}.  This will just be incentive for me to get the #s back up and replace the mailbox ASAP.


There's my artistic skills at work.  Don't be jealous.

I'm finally feeling good about where I'm at with this house.  We're planning to list in just over 2 weeks, so the hustle is ON.  I know the upstairs is going to knock it out of the park... let's hope I can get the basement cleaned up and less creepy by then too.  Fingers crossed!