Grover: Week 12

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out more about this flip, Grover, or check out posts about our last flip HERE. I always underestimate the time it takes to properly patch holes and caulk wood working projects so they look pretty and not home-made.  I can finally, however, proudly announce that all my major tasks in the bathroom are DONE!  I still have to finish painting the new bathroom closet door and install that, and the plumbing needs to get finished up (which I am smart enough not to touch myself).


Look!  There's even a light fixture and a mirror!  I hear those are things that are usually in a bathroom.  You'd think there should be a sink in there too or something....

But that's not the only room that's been changing this week.  Let me give you a hint


Sayonara stinky kitchen linoleum!



Here's a flash-back to the floors that were there at the beginning of the week.  Continuing the hard wood into the kitchen was the right plan.


In the basement, the electrician's been busy too.  I keep forgetting to show you, but there's a shiny new electrical panel in the garage.


I'm not looking forward to getting started in the basement.  Not only will sanding and painting this lovely paneling be a beast, now I have several holes to patch.


Dear homeowners: please NEVER install your own wiring from a hidden junction box that you cover illegally with ugly paneling.  Your home will thank you.  And so will it's future owners.

On top of all that, I probably spent half of my week on craigslist.  In addition to staging furniture for Frankie, I'm heading out to pick up a Restoration Hardware chandelier for Grover's dining room for the paltry sum of $50!

Happy almost weekend!