Grover: Week 11

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out more about this flip, Grover, or check out posts about our last flip HERE. I pretty much spent my entire week in the smallest room in the house- the bathroom.  Luckily I don't have claustrophobia and the progress is finally making a difference!

Last week, when I showed you the bathroom, the ceiling had been patched and primed, but the rest of the room was still in shambles:


This week?  The ceiling is painted, the upper walls are painted, the floor is grouted and the new wall board and batten paneling is at about 50%

week 11 bathroom progress

Simply covering up the damaged walls makes such a difference here!  Today I'll be installing the rest of the paneling, then, time permitting, painting the entire shebang a nice, semi-gloss white.

At last my blue tile looks finished with a light warm gray grout- it just needs one last scrub.

week 11 grouted tile

I know there are still those who don't get my blue tile, but allow me to elaborate.  Although it's new, it honestly looks like it could be original to the house.  That was the goal here.  There's nothing original in this house aside from the dining room built in which is getting a small update.  I felt that the bathroom needed this "original" element to give it a sense of history.  Yup, crazy house-whisperer here.

10 points for you if you noticed what else is different in the bathroom (although it doesn't count if you already know from facebook or instagram)

New windows!!

Although the old windows were vinyl replacements, every. single. last. window was fogged up- which means that the seals were all broken.  Most of the windows now look almost exactly the same as the old ones, just clearer and less foggy.  One window looks a bit different, though.

Where there once lived broken casement windows....

Grover living room casement window

now lives a big, bright, unobscured picture window.  You'd be shocked how much more light it lets in the room!

week 11 new picture window

Next step in here is to get rid of the light-sucking maroon wall color.  All in due time.

Although new windows do make me happy, I'm still excited over the bathroom progress!  Now that I can see the paneling, my brain is already thinking about how to style the finished room.  Always one step ahead apparently!  Despite my brain getting ahead of me, I'm documenting the whole board and batten process and will be sharing it in a future post.

I hope you have some fun projects planned for the weekend!  Fingers crossed that we may get at least one nice day out of it.