Greetings from Mexico

Still on vacation (woo hoo) and trying to make the most of it.  I don't sit still very well, so we've been keeping pretty busy. Yesterday was quite an adventure.  We left the hotel at 7:45 am thinking that we were headed to Tulum to see some Mayan ruins and go snorkeling.  Well, the universe and a pleasant but rather befuddled trip coordinator had other plans.  We found ourselves on the tour bus to Chichin Itza instead- which wasn't a bad thing at all, considering that's the other excursion we were contemplating, but it was a much longer ride.  If you haven't heard of Chichen Itza (like I hadn't a few days ago), it's an even larger site of Mayan ruins and something that the Hubs apparently had on his unwritten bucket list.

In this happy accident,  Hubby and I got to wander the ancient ruins,

make friends with a lizard,

see a tequila plantation,

swim in an underground natural freshwater lagoon (with fish tickling our feet!),

and visit a historical Mexican town... of which the name escapes me.

We didn't get home until late, but it was a great day!  We'll see what the last few days of vacation bring.

*All of the above photos are ones that I actually took.  I'm as shocked as you are.

**I apologize if these photos are huge- I'm on Hubby's laptop which has zero photo editing software.  I miss my laptop... and my kittens