Furniture Rescue

We allll know how much I love a challenge, but I love a challenge even more when it makes you think.  Emily Henderson (who I've gushed about before) issued a challenge/contest/request for instagram pictures-

"What piece of furniture would you save from a fire?"

Of course I just HAD to throw my hat into the ring.  I'm always so indecisive, so it's lucky that Emily's allowing multiple entries.  Here goes!

I'm sure that once my secretary desk is done, it'll be on the top of this list, however, since it's current state is still in shambles, it's not quite the prized possession yet.

save me desk

Once Clark is done, this desk is priority numero uno!

But what would I save from a fire?  Can I save my future sofa?

future sofa

In fact, can I set my current couch on fire so I can get my future couch? .......probably not a good idea.....

Seriously, though, back to the challenge-

The first piece of furniture that I'd save is probably my $30 vintage Craigslist settee.  Although it's a newer purchase, I don't think I could have imagined a better piece of furniture for my office.  I adore the tufting and the unique color (and the price I got it for!)and my furry roommates love it too, which makes it even better.  Although I got it in lieu of spending the money to reupholster our other vintage settee which has been living in the basement, I think both with be sticking around for a very long time.

save me settee

The second piece of furniture that I'd save in a fire is our red antique chair.  This we adopted (along with its matching settee that needs reupholstering mentioned above), when a friend's aunt passed away.  The set had been in our friend's family for as long as he could remember and he was really pleased when Hubby and I gave them a good home.  Although Hubby's not as enamored with the Craigslist settee as I am, this red chair is one I'm sure he'd be saving in a fire too and it's so rare that we agree on design pieces!

save me chair

With my estate sale/tag sale fixation, it's a wonder that my furniture list isn't longer.  I have several pieces awaiting rescue/refinishing in the dungeon basement that I'm sure will move swiftly up the list when done, but until then, I don't have a ton of prized pieces.  Space is limited in this tiny house, so I usually find myself taking home smaller pieces when I go treasure hunting.

What furniture would you rescue in a fire (assuming that strength is no issue and you can throw any piece over your shoulder)?

future sofa image via Circle Furniture