Frankie: Week 2

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out other posts about Frankie the Fliphouse HERE. My entire body is sore.  Wielding a sledge hammer for a week straight will do that to you, I suppose.  Also, demoing bathroom walls is the bane of my existence.  Next house, I'm contracting that out!  But enough griping from me, you want to see Frankie!

As I alluded to with my whining, lots more demo happened this week.  LOTS.  Enough to practically fill the 20 yd dumpster in the driveway.

full dumpster

My goal is to have demo done by Monday.  It may or may not be attainable.  That's up to the bathroom.

Let's stop in the kitchen first.

week 2 kitchen demo

The kitchen has less cabinets and appliances than it did last week.  The remaining cabinets are patiently waiting for the plumber to come cap off the strange pipes running through them.

The week started off pretty good when metal scrappers knocked at the door (after noticing the dumpster) and offered to take any unwanted metal and appliances (!).  My ears perked up with that one and I practically shoved the fridge and stove at them.  Saves me from having to pay for haul-away!

Now for the bathroom....

The floor had to go.  I was contemplating saving it, however it didn't continue under the old rotten custom-sized vanity.  My options were keep the floor and build a new custom vanity, or the cheaper option of replacing the floor and get a standard vanity.  No brainer.  There was only one obstacle: the tile was set into over an inch of concrete.

bathroom floor concrete

Figuring out how to get this up was actually a fun challenge.  (yes apparently my definition of 'fun' is rather twisted)  With the exception of where the toilet sits, Mr. Floor is no more.  Strong like bull!  And my muscles were angry.  Very angry.  I'm shocked they even let me get out of bed the next day.

smashed bathroom floor

The bathroom walls have been the most annoying part of this demo.  Since the previous owner took down tile, badly spackled over the left-over adhesive, then painted over that, the only way to smooth out the walls was with the sledge hammer (if you catch my drift).

week 2 bathroom demo 1

I'm still battling with the corners.  They had/have metal mesh embedded in between 2 layers of cement board.  I'm taking suggestions if you've dealt with this in the past.

week 2 bathroom demo 2

Hopefully I can beat the remaining wall board into submission today.  They're stubborn buggers.

At least the basement demo has been much easier, although just as messy.

I'm still debating my plans for the basement.  They'll definitely include painting floor and walls, but the ceiling is still up in the air.  (The bad pun was unintentional, but made me giggle.... demo makes me punchy).

...Anyway, do I paint the exposed rafters, install some kind of acoustic ceiling, or just leave it alone?  It's a bright, heated, huge, basement- the possibilities are endless!

week 2 basement demo

Other less photogenic accomplishments this week:

-Purchasing appliances

-Replacing the flush valve in the basement bathroom's toilet (its a glamorous job I have)

-Picking out most of the remaining finishes

-Hiring a contractor & a window installer

-Baby steps in the curb appeal department: removing the dated awning over the picture window, scraping flaking paint from the railings, and choosing a fantastic color for the front door.

There's a light at the end of this demo tunnel!  Until then, I'll be the one with the dust mask and goggles, covered head to toe in demo dust.  Care to join?