Flip or Flop?

I'm on the edge of my seat here guys.  I'm hoping that by the time I get on a plane this evening I'll know whether or not I'll be coming back from France with a house to flip.  Honestly, it's not looking good.  After our accepted offer, we went in for a home inspection.  There was nothing drastically wrong that we weren't half way expecting.  The biggie here is knob and tube.  We knew there was some there going into the inspection... but dude it's everywhere.  Like rewire the ENTIRE house everywhere.  whomp whomp.  We need them to come down a lot on the price to make this project worth it. So I figured I'd just tease today (both you and me).  IF we can work this project out- and that's a big IF right now- this house has charm busting at the seams!


Even an original, maybe workable pocket door.


If I can get my hands on this kitchen, I WON'T be gutting it.  Gasp!  Nope, I'll be reworking and fixing up the existing cabinets.  I can totally see it, can you?


If this house hasn't charmed you already, these details will send you over the edge:


midland7 midland8

Oh yeah, and there's a delightfully not original to the house blue bathroom.


If only the ridiculous charm of this house made up for the mouse infestation, knob and tube and updates needed everywhere.  Cross your fingers for me that the seller agrees to the revised deal but it's a super long shot.  This would be a fun (ridiculously nerve-wracking) project that's not just another mid- century ranch.

**UPDATE** The sellers agreed to lower the price even more!  We've agreed to go forward with the sale, and as long as I keep a tight watch on the budget, this'll be a great project!!!