Dori the Flip House: week 13

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  My latest flip house, Dori sports the 3 L’s in real estate, but will need more than a bit of creativity to make the house sellable. You can find more about this house and about my 4 previous flip houses here. A few steps forward and one huge step back.  I am now officially out of budget, time, and patience on this house.  I get overly dramatic when I'm stressed out apparently. (**please excuse the iphone pics- I once again forgot my real camera, but am telling myself this will make for much more dramatic reveal pictures in the end**)

Let's start with the steps forward.  The most visual one is now the fact that I had staging furniture moved in.  A little prematurely since I still have more painting to do, but it had to be done at some point, right?


As you can also see in the pic, the engineered floors in the living room and hallway are done!


And the bedrooms are all cozy and carpeted and almost done being painted.


And then we have the dining room.

The dining room is an addition off the back of the house and the only space not on a concrete slab.  This is the room that you get to through the kitchen and has the nice new slider.  And soon to be a nice new floor and subfloor as well.  Back in week one, I discovered old termite damage in other parts of the house.  I called in a company and had baits installed all around the house and repaired all the damage that I knew about.  Problem solved, right?  So naive.  This little hole in the upper right corner of the floor is a very big trouble maker.


In the dining room here, I was originally planning to save this wood floor.  I covered up the floor while I painted, got the space drywalled, and the baseboards got installed.  When I pulled up the paper last Friday I noticed that this little corner board had termite damage that I hadn't noticed previously.  I (stupidly) thought "no problem! my flooring guy can just patch the floor board and it'll be all better."  And so he cut out a piece to replace it and the damage abounded.  The more we investigated the more we realize that the problem was in at least 1/3 of this darn floor and since I have a conscience, I can't put a bandaid over this problem.  So, listing the house is getting pushed back and this floor and subfloor is being completely replaced.  I'm just crossing my fingers, and toes that the joists don't need to be replaced too, because that will really kill my budget.  Welcome to the joys of house flipping.  Trying to look at the bright side, though- this buys me some more time to finish painting #silverlining.