Daring Adventure

I have many talents.  Beautiful hand lettering is not one of them unfortunately.  Luckily there are people like Stephanie from the etsy shop Letters from Rita.  This talented lady lives only minutes from me and makes the art of hand lettering look effortless. hand-lettered-quote

Hubby's not generally a huge fan of "words as art" but even he's not arguing me on this one.  It's such a great reminder to live and enjoy the ride.  Right now, as I'm elbow deep in flip mess hustling to the seemingly unattainable finish line, this beautifully illustrated quote is a gently nudge that I chose this path and I need to keep the joy in the adventure.


Would I rather be back at my old 9to5? Nope.  Is this flip going to be so rewarding when it's finished? You betcha.  Will it try my patience until the day it sells?  More than you know.  But I wouldn't trade this adventure for anything.

Thanks Stephanie for this beautiful art!  Visit her etsy shop for your own personalized hand-lettered quote ($5 off your first print before June 1st with the code BLOG15) or her blog to see more of her awesome work1