Last week, I neglected to give the proper importance to a major milestone in our lives. 1 year ago last week, as an early anniversary gift to ourselves, Hubby and I adopted our first fur-baby, Daisy.  (Yup, we're nuts.  It's fun this way.)

Hubby had cats growing up, but the closest I ever had to a real pet before Daisy was a dog-next-door.

She picked us.

We called the Baypath Humane Society ahead of time to make sure we could take a cat home that day.  The woman Hubby spoke to asked him a few questions about what we were looking for and she said she had just the cat for us.  When we got there, she took us right to Daisy.  Although Daisy was a little shy at first, when Hubby picked her up, she immediately started purring.  How could we NOT bring home the little ball of fuzz?!

Daisy was just under a year old and had already had a litter of kittens (the feline version of a teen mom).  She still looked like a kitten herself!

It has been so much fun over the past year seeing her personality blossom.  Much like most cats, she's a diva and a princess, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

We waited until we moved into the house to get a sibling kitty for her to play with and the difference in her was monumental!  She started purring more, cuddling more, and was obviously happier.  Having a brother to chase around the house and beat up suits her very nicely.  Although she's a few months younger and almost half his size at 8lbs compared to his 13, she's totally the alpha.

As one of my best friend's so aptly put it: she filled the fuzzy void that we didn't know was missing in our lives.

Ok, that's enough cheese for one day.  Check back Friday for my living room inspiration and ideas.