Cole the Flip House: Week 6 & 7

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I navigate through the business of flipping houses one house at a time!!  If you’re new here (Hello!!!) or just enjoy walking down memory lane, you can see my 7 previous flip houses here.  Thanks for coming along for the ride as I jump into flip #8!!!  Check out previous posts about this house here and follow along on my insta-stories for more behind the scenes goodness! This post may contain affiliate links.  For more information, see my disclosures here.  

The past few weeks have been painfully slow for outward progress.  That doesn't mean things haven't been moving along, though.  I was trying to wait until doors were installed last week to post, but it escaped me since we didn't have new doors until Friday afternoon.  After a lengthy battle with a nest of wasps that had taken up residence inside the wood below the front door, Cole now has 2 snazzy new exterior doors that I need to decide on a color for!



Meanwhile inside, insulation was added wherever needed, vent fans were added into the bathrooms, and inspections started happening!



With a building permit, you need to get rough sign-offs for things inside the walls before they close them up so the town knows that things are being done properly.  Electrical, plumbing, framing, and insulation were all signed off on so now we can get to drywalling!!!  The drywall boards have been delivered and should start going up today!!!!!!!!!!  I'm excited for this step.  Can you tell??



Appliances and kitchen cabinets are getting delivered next Thursday, so we're really full steam ahead now!!  Walls are always the turning point from a house in destruction to one that looks livable.  As I was starting to get antsy wanting to see the 'pretty' progress, I set at ordering tiles, vanity, and light fixtures.  We have a very tight budget on this one since we're paying a bit more to have my contractor manage sub-contractors (which I have done in the past and just don't have time to do now), so I'm counting every penny.  You should know by now, however, that while I am cost conscious, my goal is for the finished product not to look like it!


In the bathroom, even though I've decided to stick to my go-to subway tile shower to conserve budget, I've ordered a much more exciting floor tile!  I need to figure out if I'll be able to use a vintage medicine cabinet that I have in the storage unit, but I'm going for a vintage cafe vibe in here.  Cafe bathroom?


Light // Vanity // Floor Tile // Accessories // Shower Curtain


I haven't landed on a backsplash tile for the kitchen just yet because all the ones I'm drawn to are over what is currently budgeted.  I'm hoping I can shuffle a few numbers to make it happen, though!  With drywall on it's way, next week should bring some exciting progress!!  My contractor assures me that we're still on track to be finishing up hopefully the end of October.  If you know anyone who will be looking for a new home soon in my area, send them my way!!


Have a fantastic fall weekend!