Chop Chop!

I'm sad to admit I had a less than productive weekend.  I attempted to work on my Pinterest Challenge artwork, but a social life got in the way (I'm as shocked as you are).  Pre-existing plans took up more of my weekend than I anticipated and that darn metal wall art was a LOT more stubborn to chop apart than I expected.  For 'made in China' mass-produced wall art, those plates were holding on to the frame and each other for dear life!  Some plates let go relatively unscathed, but others decided they needed to leave holes.  No worries, I patched the holes and those are the ones I'll paint... tonight hopefully... if it doesn't rain... I think I finally have them all separated and rough edges sanded (Hubby's most excited that I wont be hack-sawing or filing metal in our living room anymore).  I also purchased a few actual plates to get mixed in with the existing (to-be)painted and non painted metal ones- 5 have been purchased, and probably 3 are destined to make it to the wall, just not sure which ones I want yet.  I'm trying not to get anxious thinking about all the work I have to do on it to finish it for the end of the challenge tomorrow AM.  I promise you, there will be a result to show!

My mom, however, was FAR more productive with her Pinterest Challenge DIY project over the weekend.  (I totally have my mom addicted to pinterest too)

Her Pinterest inspiration image:

And her fantastic finished result:

Go Mom!  Now that you've perfected the art of the roman shade, you can show me when it comes time to making one for my large kitchen window.

How's your Pinterest Challenge project progressing?