Challenge Accepted!

What do you do when your favorite bloggers join forces and issue a design challenge based on one of your website addictions? [youtube=]

Emily Henderson from my favorite HGTV show Secrets from a Stylist, Sherry from Young House Love, Katie from Bower Power Blog, and Lana from Joey and Lana Make a House a Home have issued a Pinterest Challenge!

You should totally go over to the link above and check out the hilarious video that explains the challenge.  And check out their blogs while you're at it, because they're all fantastic and someone could loose hours poking around (in theory of course, because I would never do that... yeah, lets go with that.)

Basically they've all decided to take on a DIY project THIS WEEK based on an inspiration image from pinterest and challenged all their readers to do the same.  You bet your pants I'm joining in the fun!

I have one project in mind that I was hoping to tackle soon anyway, so why not do it before next Tuesday?  I may even get ambitious and try to get to more than one.  Maybe.

Anyway, here is my chosen Pinterest inspiration image:

A plate wall/custom wall art.  I know it's not a HUGE undertaking, but I'm planning to repurpose wall art that I already have to make this happen.

I have this piece of mass-produced metal art.  We got it for the (pictured) kitchen in the apartment and have had it for almost 2 years.  I still like it, but I do not like seeing it in everyone else's houses too. (That's the design snob in me talking again.)

The metal art as it is existing is going to be chopped apart and if I can pull some free time out of my hat, I'll play with paint on a few of them too.  I have more ideas of how to make this project super special and totally new and improved, but you'll just have to wait and see what happens!!

Do you have any pinterest inspired DIY projects you've been wanting to do?  Now's the perfect time to jump in!  Not on pinterest yet?  What are you waiting for?!?!