Chair Dreams

Yesterday, I was over guest posting on the blog Love Creative about how to get started when designing a room.  Pop over and check it out!


I've come to the realization that I need a new living room chair.  Not want, need.  It's a very serious problem.  Of course, by 'serious problem' I mean it bugs me to no end and Hubby things I'm nuts.  You know, the usual.

The current state of the living room is just OK, and I'm getting sick of just OK.

The biggest issue that I see, or rather smallest issue, is the under-scaled chair.  When I decided we needed to break up the living room set, we shopped the house and used a chair we already had.  This chair look perfect in our office.  It's not there now.  I want it back there and I want a slightly larger chair in a stellar pattern or color to take its place in the living room.

Here are some chairs that have caught my eye lately

What do you think?