When is a cat dish not just a cat dish?

When it's intended to be a 4-section serving tray of course!

I spent a decent amount of time on Sunday wandering around Home Goods looking for inspiration.  I always seem to get ideas there, even if I don't end up with purchases.  I made a lot of mental notes on furniture and decor, and ended up purchasing one item.  Well, I guess technically 2, but it was in 1 box.

*BACKSTORY* When we had just 1 cat, we used rice bowls I had purchased years before at Christmas Tree Shop as Daisy's dishes- one for dry food, one for wet, and one for water (even though she only drinks out of her water glass on the coffee table, but thats a story for another day).  When we expanded our family to include another fuzzy purring being, we started using more rice bowls.  Charlie is a typical guy (I had no idea that cat's fell into the gender steriotypes too!)- he's a messy eater and the bowls ended up in disarray and knocked over with half the food on the floor.  I love my cats, but I don't need my house messy because of them.

*FLASH BACK TO THE PRESENT* Home Goods to the rescue!!  I found a box with 2 ceramic serving trays for $9.99.  With 4 compartments, it is perfect to have dry food in one, water in another and use the remaining 2 for the dinner rush of their daily wet food.  With 2 serving dishes- one can be in use, while the other is in the dishwasher: PER-FECT! (yes, pun intended, sorry).  Looks worlds better than having 4+ disheveled bowls and these Charlie can't knock over!