Brimfield Eye Candy

Brimfield has such an amazing collection of amazing stuff of all proportions.  (Did you see my haul in yesterdays post?) If I was a photographer, I could just spend the day taking pictures of history, pre-styled vignettes, and bizarre oddities.

How amazing are these doors??


I would love to see a toddler riding this, but it would lose character if someone restored it.


Dapper or creepy, I really can't decide.


Remember how I mentioned the bizarre conglomeration of items for sale?


Dad was endlessly amused by this one-armed-bandit... literally


I so wanted to adopt these chairs for my porch... but not for $500.  Don't you worry, though I have a replacement up my sleeve.


This was definitely my favorite pic of the day.


My attempt at photography was even captured by the other photog (Handy Dad)


So have I inspired you to check out the Brimfield Antiques Flea Market next time around?  (July!)