Another Weekend in the Garden

I love the results of gardening.  The process of getting there, however is long and EXHAUSTING. I spent most of my weekend working in the garden.  Some areas are looking much better, others are still in progress (read: looking worse, but will look better soon).  I made significant progress on some of the "To Do" items I mentioned in my last garden post, and crossing things off a to do list is always fun.

The big accomplishment this weekend was the garden between the house and driveway.  This is the longest planting area we have and has the tendency to look very overgrown no matter how much I try to weed.  Last year, we planted some flowers here, but its an odd space.  We really only see it when we pull in the driveway (there isn't much of a view from the front or back yards), so spending a lot of money to fill it with flowers just didn't seem to make sense.  We decided that ground cover was in order.

I always get a little eager to get started on projects and sometimes I forget to take a full "before" ...... so imagine this garden with a LOT more weeds.

Since it will take the ground cover a year or two to really fill in (and I need instant gratification), I decided to put Hubby's herbs that usually sit on the back steps to good use.

We replanted them in uniform pots, then 'planted' the pots down in the garden.  That way, the ground cover won't take over the herbs, and the herbs still remain contained.

Much better view when we drive into the driveway now!

This weekend, I also:

got started with landscape fabric and stepping stones in the veggie garden,

and dug up more rocks from the front yard in preparation for eventual new grass.

Not the most exciting shots, I know, so I'll leave you with a few yard glamour shots.

Did you spend some time outside this weekend?