A Refreshing Fan

My dad's a miracle worker. When I picked up this fan from Brimfield back in May, Dad offered to clean it up and tinker a bit with it.  He has fun with stuff like that, so I didn't want to deprive him of the enjoyment.  Purely a selfless act, really.  (OK, so maybe it was also because I knew I wasn't going to get to it in the near future and it would have collected dust in my basement waiting for love... maybe).

With just a bit of cleaning and polishing, somehow Dad discovered this fan under all that dirt, tarnish, and rust.

Rewiring it and getting it working would be a large task, so I'm happy with it as an ornament.  If it worked, it would probably be a kitten safety hazard anyway.  This way, I have a pretty vintage fan to look at, and my kittens get to keep all their appendages.  Win-win.

Have an awesome weekend!