Are you on a house-hunting mission for a home full of character?  I’m talking to you HGTV addicts!  Buying a fixer-upper home and renovating it ensures that you get exactly the features you want without having to work around the previous owner’s idea of style- and most of the time for LESS than buying a turn-key home with all the bells and whistles.  It’s a daunting process, but I’ll be there to work through it with you.  This process is available in 2 parts:

Part 1: House Hunting Visioning I’ll work together with your realtor to help you find a diamond in the rough.  I’ll go house-hunting with you to up to 3 properties, providing you in-real-time ideas to allow you to see the potential in each space.  After hunting, I’ll sketch 2 key areas in your favorite property to help you envision how great the final space could be!  Don't have a Realtor yet?  No problem!  I partner with Brian Goodman of Coldwell Banker Natick to be able to help you with all steps of the buying process.

Part 2: Fixer Upper Renovation

Prior to purchasing the fixer upper of your dreams, I’ll help you get quotes and discuss the project with a licensed contractor.  Once you have the keys in hand, I’ll work directly with your contractor to execute the renovations, designs, and custom features that will make you feel truly at home.